Map of Medtech Research in the Stockholm Region. CTMH mapped identified the most important research projects in the area of medical technologies. The project was carried out in collaboration with SULS (Stockholm-Uppsala Life Science) and was subsequently published on SULS website.

The Business Logics of Medical Technology Firms. A report that offers an initial perspective on the different kinds of business logics present in the field, by Niklas Ekelund och Mikael Ottosson (Industrial Management, KTH).
Download the whole report (Publication date: 2008.06.10)

Action Medtech. A large-scale colaborative effort directed by Lars-Åke Brodin (KTH), Bertil Guve, Director (KTH/CTMH), Lars Kihlström (Karolinska University Hospital), Bo Norrman (KI), and Carl Johan Sundberg (KI). The report was conducted during Fall 2007 by McKinsey and Company and sponsored by Carl Bennet AB, CapMan, Chalmers University of Technology, Elekta AB, Gambro AB, Göteborg University, Innovationsbron, Karolinska Institutet, Karolinska University Hospital, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sahlgrenska Akademy and VINNOVA.
Download the report (Publication date: 2007.12.17)

Venture Capital for Swedish Med Tech Entrepreneurship. Master's Thesis by Sophia Fahlén, Industrial Management, KTH. An analysis of how well the Swedish venture capitalists correspond to the needs of the Swedish med tech entrepreneurs. (2007.June.15)