Areas of activity

CTMH serves as a platform and engine for operators in research, education, healthcare and industry, who are active in the interface between technology and health. The strategy is to act through initiation and coordination of multidisciplinary research projects, networking, project coaching, surveys, symposiums etc.

CTMHs activities cover four strongly overlapping areas:

Portal: a portal for skilled and sustainable contacts and collaborations between academia, industry and healthcare. CTMH initiates and coordinates research and development within technology in medicine and health.

Research: contribute to increased understanding of innovation processes in medical technology research.

Education: to initiate, coordinate and contribute to the education of future healthcare and to industrial technology within medicine and health.

Spin-offs and Start-up: to contribute to processes that facilitate the creation of new products, services and businesses.

Public transport:
Take the commuter train from the central station
(T-centralen) towards Södertälje Centrum. Get off at Flemmingsbergs Station (approx. 18 min).
Walk approx. 750 meters through the campus of Södertörns Universitet towards mot Huddinge Universitetssjukhus. Turn left on Alfred Nobels Allé.

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Visiting address:
Center for technology in medicine and health
(Centrum för teknik i medicin och hälsa)
Alfred Nobels Allé 10, 141 52 Huddinge, Sweden.

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