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Participation terms
In order to participate in a workshop, each group must submit the following documents:

- PowerPoint (or PDF): Presentation of issues, technologies, etc. that the team is working on. The presentation should take no more than 4 min.

- Text document: One page describing the issues, technologies, etc. that the team is working on. The text supplements the presentation.

- Text documents: Information on the group's members, incl. contact information.

All document are sent to [email protected]

These documents will be downloadable and should not contain sensitive information. The aim is also to videotape the presentations and make them available from CTMHs website.

Speed Dating

In Stockholm, there already exists a world leading and outstanding research in the borderland between clinic, technology and medicine. Our belief is that there is also a large untapped potential and CTMHs goal is to realize it.

The multi-disciplinary nature of med-tech research requires meetings which not necessarily occur in the ordinary course of business. The goal of CTMH Speed Dating is to develop contacts and research of workshop participants, through collaborative discussions with completely new participants.

Speed Dating is the first step in CTMHs method for Research Area Development; CTMH Crossroads is the second stage, workshops within defined, specific issues with a few selected participants.


At a Speed Dating Workshop about twenty teams from various technical and clinical areas are gathered. The groups are each represented by a group leader, but other researchers from within the group are welcome.

To participate, each team must fulfill certain requirements (see column "Terms..." on the left). During the workshop, each group will give a four-minute presentation on its activities, focusing on the following points:

- the group's focus and vision
- what the group can offer other groups (models, equipment, etc.)
- what interests the group has in collaborators, models, equipment, access to patients, etc.

The workshop is concluded with mingle and snacks (or lunch). CTMH will gladly set up meetings with specific participants on a specific topic.

The design is strongly inspired by the Biodesign Speed Dating at Stanford University, where it has been a great success.

What is Speed Dating?

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