C2ITO is an action research project with an aim to follow, research and support processes and methods for innovative technical and organizational solutions for healthcare. The starting point and the first object of study is the Clinical Innovation Fellowship (CIF), which is based upon the Stanford Biodesign Fellowship Programme. An assumption CTMH has made regards the methods transference to Stockholm. The method has been adapted and formalized wtihin CTMH Clinical Innovation Fellowships. CIF is tested for the first time during the period October 2010 - June 2011.

The C2ITO project is pursued in collaboration with M. Lindahl, researcher at Ångströmslaboratoriet, Uppsala University and P. Ulfvengren, researcher at the Industrial Economics, KTH. From CTMH - which coordinates and manages the project - researchers B Guve and E Pineiro participate. C2ITO is funded by the program VINNVÅRD - from knowledge to practice.

Current news within C2ITO

The research group has presented its first publication:
Ulfvengren P, Guve B, Lindahl M, Pineiro E (2010), “Training for Clinic-Centered innovation – The Swedish example of The Clinical Innovation Fellowship”, in von Holst, Nguyen and Wikander (eds) “Innovation Driven Research Education. Volume 1: An Introduction”

We participated in NU-2010, a major education conference in the Nordic region, where Roy Ulfvengren presented the ideas that form the basis of the forthcoming article Clinical Innovation Fellowship, CIF - an innovation / education initiative for medtech. The article focuses on the development of CIF and questions the methodology used. Two more publications are planned.

Since the start of CIF (18th October) C2ITO is in the process of collecting data through interviews and personal observations.

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